Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tangible Assets

When it comes to advertising, I seem to spend most of my energy producing graphics that are for web which means I never actually get to touch them. Every so often however, someone comes along who would like to advertise the old fashioned route - on paper. Information printed on to nice glossy paper which you can sit back and read to your leisure (or on the loo if that's your cuppa). And it's quite exciting to collect the printing - there's something about the smell of stationery that's very comforting.

So because I get so excited about it I thought I should add Brochure Design to Hello Monkey's list of services. Oo oo oo.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Very Tasteful

This blog entry comes with a warning: if you're hungry don't read on.

If you happen to be in Southampton you may be wondering where those delicious cooking aromas are coming from. It's quite likely that the master chefs at Add Zing are responsible for getting tummies rumbling with their latest culinary creations.

Hello Monkey were asked to create a colourful, bright and modern website that captured the essence of the menu whilst showing off their wonderful food. Keeping their original logo it made sense to play with the strong pink and yellow which resulted in a surprisingly good colour combination. It was a pretty hard job to keep focused but eventually the website was complete and I only managed to eat one of my fingers in the process.

Monday, 9 February 2009

and here's for something completely different...for Valentine's Day

Apparently I'm unique. That's what my husband tells me. So I'm guessing that 'ers and 'ims indoors all over the land are being told this so naturally this Saturday we'll all being patiently awaiting that 'unique' magic envelope from our unique other half. However I'm aware that it's all a bit of anti-climax when you open said envelope and there's a Hallmark card, pinkly adorned and quite honestly something you'll not be putting in your keepsake box. Imagine all those delighted squeals if we had a beautiful Mr Robert Ryan Valentine masterpiece to treasure. He's a clever monkey that Mr Rob - he painstaking cuts intricate shapes into paper to create wonderful and whimsical works of art. You can read all about him here:

Sadly even the Valentine Screenprint a bit pricey to substitute for a card but we can dream.

Still, it's the thought that counts and I'm crossing my fingers that my husband actually remembers let alone thinks!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

It's wonderful, to be Frank

Whilst it's cold outside and I'm still nursing my bruised bottom from slipping on the ice, I am parked firmly indoors where no damage can be done. So naturally with the Parental Control fully set to 'No Dodgy Sites' I can safely cruise the Inter Super Highway in search for some inspiration. And not a remedy for penile malfunction to clog the pop-up blocker.

Today's crusade was to find something individual for two upcoming birthdays. Bored of the usual foodie gift or perfumed wotnots, imagine my delight when I chanced upon Frank! Totally unique handmade items, very quirky indeed. Oh somebody please buy me that croched leaf necklace. To be Frank, I NEED it.