Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hello Monkey at Pulse

Hello Monkey was at Pulse! Okay, you all knew that already (and yes, a little while ago now) but it was a lot of fun and we had this photo of it taken and thought you might like a look.

We had so much support and enthusiasm for what we do, and would definitely like to go back again. Next time we might even bring a map of the area so we don't get so lost trying to get there.

A very short post this time, but more to keep this blog alive than anything else. I'll put something a little meatier up on here in a bit, promise!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Hello Everyone!!
Quick note to say for this weekend we're offering 10% off our prints on Etsy. Check us out and grab something awesome from us!
When ordering just use this code HAPPYWEEKEND200412


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sewin' and fixin'

The other day my boots gave out. I have a very lovely pair of sheepskin boots (sorry Peta) that have a stitch down the top stretching from the front of my shin to my toes. I got up from dinner and felt this tug and a strange breeze and realised my entire foot was poking out my shoes. I had trodden on the one loose thread that held the whole merry thing together.

So I decided to be very thrifty and got a needle and thread and sewed it up myself (yay me). And while I was doing this I looked at my sewing box and decided to have a rummage through the internets for a lovely up to date option and I found this! Its currently on Etsy here. I love the colour and bold and functional design which really says anyone can use this. Also all the little things inside look pretty handy.

Looks like I'll have to rip up some things to justify this purchase... where are my boots?

Friday, 9 March 2012

Did anyone else wake up Wednesday to no power? I thought I'd counter the whole thing and skip the emails and go straight to the news... then realised that wouldn't work either

In fact it was so bad, and myself so distraught at what must have been 20 minutes (gasp) of no morning telly, that I found I couldn't write my timely blog even when it came back on. That's right sun, because of you, no inane timely waffle!

Anyway, here are some very lovely and very calming packaging solutions for all your present needs, don't forget Mother's Day coming up! You can find these at the Sundance Catalog website here, and I am seriously re-thinking how I pack our prints after seeing this.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

So new it's almost shiny...

You can now buy the above at notonthehighstreet, and it comes in a lovely pink version too. Though the green is definitely my favourite, both are fantastic and sure to fire and inspire little minds. Why not check it out and get for your loved little ones?

I'd get it for mine but the naughty little beavers don't deserve it. When they finally understand what the term "too early for Lego, go to bed" means, I'll be there like lightning!

Now if only there was some way to distract them, some colourful prints maybe? hmmm? Oh well, looks like you've got to get it whatever now. Or just for yourself, that green is almost edible!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hello Peeps!
I thought I would share something that I adore with you all today. I say that like I've known them for years, but I really only found them this week. The above is by Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios which you can see here, and is of what is quite possibly the cutest fairy I've ever seen.

I'm sorry the pic is quite small, but I truly urge you to check this one out for yourself. Here she is looking at Leafcutter Ants walking along a branch with the most amazing expression of awe and wonder. It reminds me of when my nephews were shown a slug when we were camping one weekend; I mean, it's just a slug, most people would pick it off or step on it, but these two little guys were fascinated.

In the end they killed the poor little guy with some over-enthusiastic stick prodding but that's not the point, the point is that I think this picture is wonderfab and that those poor ants are two seconds away from some fairy finger related ant-genocide...

Well she doesn't look older than two, what d'ya expect?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Valentine's Day Surprise

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine's day to all of you. Before you and your loved ones get too snuggly we have some news to announce... Back by popular demand our Life is not measured print is now on notonthehighstreet!! Yippee!

As you all know, our previous versions were limited editions and sadly have now run their course and floated up to that big print heaven in the sky somewhere; but we heard your cries and bought it back and made it even bigger.

The print is now available in A2 (which is a large poster size, so don't say we didn't warn you ;))

Late Valentine's day present anyone?

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New (sort of) Prints!

As promised, some more up to date news from me. The above is one of Hello Monkey's classic designs which has now been re-imagined and re-printed on some of that lovely satin heavyweight paper we've been waxing lyrical about.

If you're a particular fan of our Typewriter prints (apologies I can't show them all here, this system goes crazy if I show more than one) then you'll be pleased to hear that our 'Love is Everything', 'Live Laugh' and 'Ignore the Rain' prints are now available for sale in the usual outlets in this fabby new paper. We'll soon be putting these up all over the joint, so stay tuned for more news guys!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aaarrgghh don't panic, don't panic!

What? What do you mean you're not panicking? Oh right... because we're back! Hello Monkey is back after Christmas baby! I bet that's a relief eh? Besides, even if you were panicking, the above wouldn't have done you much good (unless you managed to wire it to something chocolatey).

Anyway, we are back. And I'm sorry for the extended absence. It turns out things do get really chuffing busy around xmas and I've only just slowed down enough to realise we've gone and left you peeps in the dark with nary a panic button to press, so here you go.

We have a lot of new things to announce. Some we can't reveal until they're ready and some we can. We have some brand new prints for sale (more on those later), new tasty stuff on the way and me of course! I'll be doing my upmost to bring you much more timely blog postings. We'll have pictures and stories and all sorts of things. Mostly design related, but also a lot of silly belly button fluff that I'll be passing off as some sort of discerning critique of modern design... woop.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Spring into Spooky

I guess when it comes to today it should really be something Halloween themed, but all the ones I've seen recently were just a little too freaky. I saw this one today on a site called 'Creep Machine' which I check out once in while and thought, lets go for autumnal instead. I know that's supposed to be blossom, but I am using a little creative license and deciding that you get pink and purples in October. Maybe that's a little scary in itself yes? The seasons have gone doolally, run for your lives! Have a great Halloween everyone.