Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sewin' and fixin'

The other day my boots gave out. I have a very lovely pair of sheepskin boots (sorry Peta) that have a stitch down the top stretching from the front of my shin to my toes. I got up from dinner and felt this tug and a strange breeze and realised my entire foot was poking out my shoes. I had trodden on the one loose thread that held the whole merry thing together.

So I decided to be very thrifty and got a needle and thread and sewed it up myself (yay me). And while I was doing this I looked at my sewing box and decided to have a rummage through the internets for a lovely up to date option and I found this! Its currently on Etsy here. I love the colour and bold and functional design which really says anyone can use this. Also all the little things inside look pretty handy.

Looks like I'll have to rip up some things to justify this purchase... where are my boots?

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