Saturday, 21 March 2009

Card Games

At last the other day I was offered one of those beautiful pastel French Macaroons - they cost an arm and a leg so I knew not to scoff it too fast! (and you know it's spring the shops are filled with pastel coloured fancies).
I'm not one to be ungrateful but I thought they looked better than they tasted... but all was not lost as I came back to my desk feeling totally ispired by the colours and started on some new stationery...
I sat remembering sunny afternoons as a child playing in the garden in tents made from sticks and looking at Dad's huge wellies by the back door... Alas, my bottom wouldn't get through the door of that wigwam these days.

Hello Monkey now has an Etsy shop so you can buy these cute cards!

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Eeli said...

Wow, I don't profess to know much about art and graphics nor crafts for that matter but these look a beaut. Well done! :)

PS I'm sorry those macaroons didn't live up to expectations lol :)