Monday, 11 July 2011

Barnes Fair!

Hello Peeps,

Just wanted to tell you all what a groovy Saturday Hello Monkey had at Barnes Fair this year. For everyone who made it and saw us at our stall we're so glad you could come and have a chat, and if you couldn't be there this time, it'll be back next year so don't worry.

If you couldn't come you missed so much. There were Rides, great food and stalls selling everything under the sun. We even started an impromptu Celebrity watch half-way through when what looked like Brian May and even the late, great Keith Floyd (though of course not actually him) appeared, and then Ant from Ant and Dec fame passed by (though we only found out which one afterwards)!

We all got to look around at the stalls and bought some very nice things (thanks for the nut, Kerry) and generally had a wonderful time despite a tiny bit of wind and rain half way through. We hope everyone who could make it had as much fun as we did and again if you couldn't make it and still want to chat we're always available. Just whip an email off to Kerry or Alex or visit us at

Anyway, it's Monday now and we're back in our offices and the weather is just as great as it was on Saturday. Have a good one guys,


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