Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aaarrgghh don't panic, don't panic!

What? What do you mean you're not panicking? Oh right... because we're back! Hello Monkey is back after Christmas baby! I bet that's a relief eh? Besides, even if you were panicking, the above wouldn't have done you much good (unless you managed to wire it to something chocolatey).

Anyway, we are back. And I'm sorry for the extended absence. It turns out things do get really chuffing busy around xmas and I've only just slowed down enough to realise we've gone and left you peeps in the dark with nary a panic button to press, so here you go.

We have a lot of new things to announce. Some we can't reveal until they're ready and some we can. We have some brand new prints for sale (more on those later), new tasty stuff on the way and me of course! I'll be doing my upmost to bring you much more timely blog postings. We'll have pictures and stories and all sorts of things. Mostly design related, but also a lot of silly belly button fluff that I'll be passing off as some sort of discerning critique of modern design... woop.

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