Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hello Peeps!
I thought I would share something that I adore with you all today. I say that like I've known them for years, but I really only found them this week. The above is by Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios which you can see here, and is of what is quite possibly the cutest fairy I've ever seen.

I'm sorry the pic is quite small, but I truly urge you to check this one out for yourself. Here she is looking at Leafcutter Ants walking along a branch with the most amazing expression of awe and wonder. It reminds me of when my nephews were shown a slug when we were camping one weekend; I mean, it's just a slug, most people would pick it off or step on it, but these two little guys were fascinated.

In the end they killed the poor little guy with some over-enthusiastic stick prodding but that's not the point, the point is that I think this picture is wonderfab and that those poor ants are two seconds away from some fairy finger related ant-genocide...

Well she doesn't look older than two, what d'ya expect?

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