Friday, 14 November 2008

Just Peachy

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There's no working outdoors for us now we're heading into winter (and it hasn't ceased raining for at least a week) so we've packed away our solar batteries and are putting on an extra layer rather than cranking up the heating to keep warm. But just because it's no longer sunny it doesn't mean we have to 'think' in grey!

Londoners Chloe and Stephen are planning their wedding for next September and have called on us to design some stationery for their sunny* day (*Guaranteed, apparently!). Their chosen theme is 'peaches and cream' after Chloe fell in love with a stunning peach coloured Rodarte dress worn at a premier by keira Knightly. Chloe chose our existing bird design with which we altered a few elements to suit the couple exactly.

One of the momentoes the couple plan have in mind as a wedding favour is a bag of chocolate seashells - as their wedding ceremony will be held on the beach in Cornwall close to Trevone, a place close to their hearts. They asked for a simple, rustic closure for the bags encorporating the bird design and you can see the result in the picture.

Inside their canvas Yurt there'll be pretty birds and soft peach hydrangeas adorning the tables. And with peach bellini cocktails being on offer on the day, even the drinks are in harmony!

So with all this talk of sunny days and beaches, I hope you're feeling warmer now.


Hanna said...

Wow wow wow!! Do you ship to the US? We are in California. I really like the bird stationery in fact I love all your stationery!!!

Jenni said...

beautiful and inspirational!

Dotty Dog said...

Hello and thank you! To answer Hanna's question - yes we can ship to the US

Anonymous said...

Fab! Wish I was getting married!