Thursday, 13 November 2008

What a wedding!

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I was very honoured recently to be asked by our good friends Aidan and Bhavna to design their wedding stationery. (Even labels for their wedding favours - a jar of chutney- were to be done!). Of course I couldn't wait to get started!
Being an Anglo-Indian wedding, the couple wanted simple stationery with an Indian theme but it also needed to reflect the groom's English heritage. The font needed to be in red to adhere to the Indian tradition and Ganesha and Om needed to be present too. After consultations with the bride and her mum, I set to work to incorporate the ideas. It was great to see the stationery arrive on the doormat, addressed to me, for the first time!

The wedding was delightful, many a smiley face to be seen! The venue was perfect and tastefully decorated with the peacock theme running throughout. Bhavna worked wonders on finding a cake maker who even reproduced the peacock and hearts for the top. She worked endlessly on arranging the beautiful flowers which were red, velvet-like and encrusted with sparkly diamonds. The tables were scattered with rose petals and even the chutney looked regal in sparkly sari fabric.

And the bride herself truly looked a billion rupees!


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Teresa said...

Great colour combination. I'm inspired! I love your stationery x

Jan said...

Very impressed with all your designs - you worked so well with the bride & Groom that it couldn't have been better! Your future looks rosy! Well done.