Monday, 5 September 2011

Turning Design Up To 11

I wanted to talk about the above today, a little thing I saw while doing my usual internet morning hunter gathering. And while it's usually titbits, morsels and the occasional metaphorical flapjack of delightfulness, today I was presented with what must be the design equivalent of a chocolate bar with seeds in it. Yes, you read that right, seeds! Sure chocolate is awesome and seeds are healthy snacks in their own right but together? Come on, that would be like putting raisins in popcorn; it's not El Bulli or Blumenthal crazy, but it's definitely up there.

I must've looked at this picture for 15 minutes in a stupefied drool before I was finally able to lie back and pretend that I had this mug with drink in my hand; though my philosophical meandering had left me confused. Just how do you drink from this thing without pouring lovely hot sugary tea all over your unsuspecting lap?

The answer is a simple one, you don't. Or rather, you start thinking differently about something you never thought differently about before and in doing so take a step to the side and start thinking creatively (and twist your hand slightly so you don't spill your drink).

It occurs to me that this 'Lap Mug' is what creativity and good design is all about. Sure, it may not be the most efficient or well engineered thing in the world (in fact this mug may work better as a 'chest mug' for easy sipping in bed), but you will have a lot of fun with it, you will move forward in the world and can show everyone that 'good design' should be as unexpected as it is expected and is like drinking a pint with a straw; it's sometimes unconventional and awkward, but it's fun and new, and if just one other person does it you're a winner!

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