Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bloomin' great

Highly talentled Rebecca Frere does wonders with flowers. We're not just talking arranging fine blooms into pretty pots and wrapping elegant stems into floral masterpieces (she does that effortlessly) but what Rebecca does that separates her from the rest is that she also cultivates and grows the flowers too. Of course it's not always possible with our unpredicatble British weather so Rebecca ensures she only uses fairly traded flowers or flowers that haven't had to travel too far to her Kent base.

So when Rebecca decided it was time for a new website she opted for Dotty Dog to design it as we too are proud to be an ec0-friendly company and even have an carbon neutral website all of our own!

We set about creating a new brand for Rebecca to reflect her unique style keeping it modern and fresh. You can the initial concepts here. Now her shiny new website is up and running and Rebecca couldn't be happier - she now has her own blog and can keep her long list of fans up to date with all her latest news and ramblings... watch this space!


Andy Ross said...

It's a great website. Elegant and clear. Well done!

Rebecca Frere Flowers said...

It's true! I couldn't be happier! And I agree with (the clearly very wise) Andy - I have already had comments on how 'clean' it is as a website - beautiful and easy to navigate. I'll certainly recommend Dotty Dog to everyone I know who's listening.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful website

Siw Aina said...

You`ve done a great work with the blog. It`s beautiful :)